ASUS Strix 7.1 surround gaming headset Review. Following a series that is remarkable of pictures, Asus is gambling once again because of this show with such an original and aggressive looks

ASUS Strix 7.1 surround gaming headset Review. Following a series that is remarkable of pictures, Asus is gambling once again because of this show with such an original and aggressive looks

Following a remarkable a number of strix photos, Asus is wagering yet again because of this show with such a distinctive and aggressive aesthetics, in this situation with a couple of 7.1 video video video gaming headphones which comes to contend with alternatives for instance the Razer Tiamat.

It really is a kit which includes outside DSP with a built-in noise cancelling microphone, headphones with real 7.1 microgo noise, and a whole lot of other functions to be able to increase the surrounding feeling and amplify some frequencies, for instance, to highlight the footsteps in shooting games. A very committed bet that individuals will now observe how it behaves.

Technical Specifications

Compatibility: PC, MAC

Headphones:Connector: USBDriverDriver diameter: Front: 40 mm, Subwoofer: 40 mm, Center: 30 mm, Side: 20 mm back: 20 mmDriver Material: Neodymium magnetImpedance @ 32 Ohm Hz В±%Frequency reaction (headphones) 20

MicrophoneType:Uni-directionalFrequency reaction: 50

16000 HzSensitivitySensitivity: -40 dB

General informationCableShielded cable (USB Cable headphone 1.5M + 1.5M = 3M (Max.)Full size: 3 meterWeight: 450 g

AccessoriesDetachable MicrophoneUSB CableQuick begin GuideUSB sound stationHDMI converter to 3.5mm presenter

NotesENC performance:> 90% sound cancellationPower supply: USB poweredFeatures: headphone amplifier, stereo, sound cancellation, so game profilesSpeaker production: HDMI jack Connectors utilizing the included 3.5mm adapter

Asus STRIX 7.1

We started as always with some other appearance. The headphones are available a fancy field, well protected, in accordance with its add-ons for a level that is second.

The manual is very complete and well explained. It is possible to appreciate the add-ons in the picture that is following a USB cable for connecting to your Computer, plus an analogical production adapter in the event we should plug within the 7.1 speakers to your headphones DSP.

We are able to remember that unlike popular rivals like the Razer Tiamat, these headphones add a DSP, or in other terms, they integrate their particular noise card inside the exact same amount control model, an amazing benefit it a solid alternative for those who enjoy playing on their laptops because we don’t need a 7.1 sound card, making.

Generally speaking, the addition of this DSP has a tendency to entail an increase that is small the purchase price when it comes to last individual, unlike all of those other models that don’t add this. Despite the fact that their pricing is quite aggressive, they truly are really less expensive compared to aforementioned Tiamat, positioning on their own with a really competitive costs for their market.

The installation can be straightforward as plug and play. Using the pc we had been doing the tests on, making use of Windows 8.1, it absolutely was not required to configure anything more to ensure that the headphones become completely useable.

Returning to the headphones, it sticks out that the looks aspect is extremely well cared for into the layouts strix and line peripherals.

The pads are of really quality that is good isolate the outside noise and tend to be extremely comfortable. The headband may be adjusted into the height where the headphones are placed by us, repairing them so they really don’t autumn. Important work because a couple of misplaced 7.1 headphones can ruin the surrounding noise feeling.

The inclusion of a microphone stands out as for the DSP. Its useful for ambient sound cancelling, very helpful should you want to play in loud surroundings or having lot of men and women around. The remainder from it is fairly classic, a wheel to modify the amount and a selector to select the channel or manage the remainder of choices.

We also make a spot that the light could be modified to really make it permanent, pulse, or deactivate it from just in the DSP. Every little thing is configurable, with modes when it comes to several types of games at the top kept corner.

Actually, I’ve noted a change that is significant equalizing in one mode to a different, even though it is very difficult to inform the real difference with all the footsteps, simply to provide a good example.

The sensation that is surrounding excellent, as well as in games, the immersion is very exactly the same by having a 7.1 speakers, with a decent spatial localization and without shortcomings.

As music headphones, also it, they can defend their ground, with very good bass and a general balanced sound, good for rock or metal though it’s not their field and any audiophile knows. In the event you wish to tune in to music using them, it is strongly recommended to utilize them in stereo mode, because utilizing the active surrounding the songs may be a bit beaten up plus the maximum amount without amplifying may be inadequate for a few users.

Nevertheless, the headphones have become complete they were created for: the video games because they can show all their potential in the field.


Without question, a set of headphones similar to this won’t leave anybody indifferent. The looks could be a bit too aggressive for many, but without the question, when it comes to user that is potential Gamers as a whole – it appears to be like the right guess; these are generally trendy and fancy.

These are typically foldable, the pads materials are good quality as well as if the joint using the headband appears a little delicate, the remainder is extremely solid and well-constructed. They’ve been comfortable for very long sessions, maybe perhaps not overweight, and simple to install.

What’s the catch? Truly, into the range our company is, the thing that is first comes in your thoughts could be the price, although i have to state that after examining one other options, 130 euros don’t appear to be that much. For the music enthusiasts, it could be an excellent choice if it is maybe not their primary usage, even though the specific brands in this areas have actually a huge benefit, and let’s remember it is not the headphones market.

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