About Us

Developing new technologies in design and engineering since 1989.

About Latersolo

Through our specialized areas of expertise, Latersolo offers specific services that meet the endless needs of all our customers around the world. Our talented team offers a wealth of expertise across a wide range of infrastructure, architecture and construction management coverage. Our collaborative and integrated approach combines diverse knowledge of these specialties to explore new possibilities and encourage new ideas.

Since 1989 it is a Project, Construction Management, Architecture and Technological Innovation Company in the area of ​​infrastructure such as paving, containment, airports, railways, geotechnics and air transportation.

The company also excels in quality control in construction and operates in the technological innovation segment. Our team is always involved in world technological changes, participating in technical / scientific committees, National and International Universities.

In addition to its link with science, in 2012, Latersolo founded the research and engineering excellence center. – Engineering and Research Institute.