About Latersolo Engineering

Developing new technologies in design and engineering since 1989.

About Latersolo

Since 1989 offering engineering services
About latersolo
Latersolo is a consulting and engineering company, a world leader in the design of transport infrastructures.

Our team works with passion so that the worldwide population has the possibility to move freely.
Since 1989, we have implemented solutions for airports, highways, pavements and geotechnics and aim to serve the general interest and face the challenges of transforming cities, metropolises and countries.

A wide range of experience
Our daily challenge: design, manage and implement the safest, most efficient and economical transport solutions tailored to each situation. Our team also excels in quality control in works and works in the technological innovation segment and we are present in all phases of transport projects: feasibility studies and projects, construction, tests and commissioning, operation and maintenance. Therefore, we are able to provide a comprehensive solution and manage all stages of the projects.

Commitment to science and technology
Since our creation in 1989, latersolo’s area of activity has been the world. Our team is always involved in technological changes worldwide, participating in technical / scientific committees, national and international universities.


Meet and exceed expectations and dreams of customers and our own team of employees.


The direct participation in the enterprise makes our difference.


Provide services with professional, personal and commercial ethics and transmit knowledge through education and training.