ERI Research Institute

The Engineering Institute Research and Research Institute


The Engineering and Research Institute (ERI) Research Institute, established in 2013, consists of a legal entity governed by private law and of indefinite duration.

Society has as its object: the development of new technologies, studies, research; production and dissemination of technical and scientific information and knowledge; teaching; technical audits; development of new engineering and related products, and may also develop the following objects:

I. Development and development of new technologies and engineering and construction projects;

II. Promote research and studies of new technologies, processes and products;

III. Teaching and training of professionals / researchers;

  1. Develop partnerships with educational institutions and public or private companies;
  2. Production and dissemination of technical and scientific information and knowledge concerning its activities, through events and publications;

IV. Participation in certification and standardization committees;

  1. Evaluation and certification of processes, systems and products;

V. Performing audits, inspections, evaluations, analyzes, tests and tests, aiming at meeting the conformity regarding the protection of the individual, society and the environment, to the quality, in the terms allowed by the national legal order, according to the rigor imposed. by the specific legislation in force;

  1. Collaboration in engineering projects for social purposes.