For more than 26 years working in this area, latersolo values excellence in the quality of its services. For this purpose, it maintains a laboratory where, although it carries out routine tests both in the laboratory and in the field, in the area of soil, asphalt materials, asphalt mixtures and pavements, it has the objective of carrying out special tests.

Remembering that the technological control includes that the specifications of both the material and the mixture or application are met. Quality control involves, in addition to verifying the results of the tests and the normative reference used for control, the analysis as to whether or not the project specifications are met, adequacy of the facilities, calibration of the instruments or equipment and method used to measure any property, registration and technical competence of those involved.


As special tests, we can mention the following tests:

  • Determination of the international floor irregularity index (IRI) and the longitudinal and transversal irregularity of the pavement surface;
  • Control of compaction of granular layers using DCP (south african cone);
  • Tests of the MCT methodology (tropical soils)

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